Ideas To Make Valances Window Treatments

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Cool Valances Window Treatments

Valances window treatments – First, pleated; Pleated jackets come in many different styles, all of which ordinary shares pleats beginning at the top edge of the curtain and lay flat fabric between the folds. Pleated capes use less fabric than other valance styles and are an ideal way to showcase plaids and large prints. Box- put caps have a much tailored look to them as they are directly from the edge of the mount.

Pleated balloon shrouds also achieve a tailored appearance due to pleating, but the substance balloons out between each fold to soften the look. At its small windows that pleats are typically located close together (10 to 15 inches apart), while larger windows take much distance pleats (20 inches apart). Second, swag valances window treatments; swags go from one extreme to the other: as refined as customized toppers (fitted with staples), or as simple as a piece of ready-edge fabric artfully draped over the top of a window (not affiliated).

Swags of traditional decor are often adorned with tassel trim or extra pieces of fabric hanging between each swag for a more dramatic look. These swags works well on very large panoramic windows, arches or bays. Typical traditional fabrics include silk, velvet and damask. Draped swags demand great curtain poles on which the bar is left exposed where the fabric curtains down. Light, airy and clean fabrics work well when draping, making layered or interwoven fabrics. Ok. That is two ideas of valances window treatments.

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