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Excellent Small Window Curtains

Small window curtains – Small windows not only limit the light in the room, but they can make all the space look unpleasant. Disguising the size and allow maximum brightness at the same time is the goal of any curtain or window arrangement you choose. The windows at ground level and basements are often small, but in fact the narrow windows are a problem in many households.

Small window curtains, for windows that are wider than high, it is best to hang the curtain rod above them just under the sky ceiling. Choose long and sheer curtains that reach the floor. Transparency maximizes the input light, but in turn makes the length windows look longer than they are. Hanging colored panels on the transparent curtain and tie with ribbons.

If the small window curtains is near the center of the wall but has a decorative doorway or some added below, hang the curtains just below the ceiling as indicated above, but choose ones that end up to the threshold. Or place a cornice from the roof to the top of the window and hang the curtains from there. This adds length without hiding any architectural element. Uses a window wider than the rod. Hangs a curtain of two panels.

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