Ideas For Make A Mini Crystal Chandelier

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Nice Mini Crystal Chandelier

Mini crystal chandelier – A crystal chandelier is an elegant, beautiful and nice update to any room’s decor. One does not have to be expensive to give the impression of luxury. When you make your own crystal chandelier, keep in mind the requirements of the fixture. You can hang a chandelier light almost everywhere. If you want an electric chandelier, but you will be able to install it on an existing light fixture or hire an electrician to install it.

How to make a mini crystal chandelier, the more complex the design, the more crystals you can string from it. You can also change an existing chandelier in your home. Decide how long you want your crystal dangling to be. Cut the fishing line to this length plus 3 inches. Cut as many lengths as crystal dangles you want to hang from the chandelier. Before the end of the line through the hole in a crystal and tie firmly. Add a dab of glue to the knot to secure it. Before the line through crystal beads so that they can rest on top of the pendant. Fill line to the desired length with crystal beads. Hide the loose end of the line, where it is tied around the pendant by passing it through the holes in the first few beads of the pendant.

After that to make mini crystal chandelier, bind end of the fishing line around an arm of a chandelier and adhesives for securing the knot. Before the loose end of the line through the hole of the beads underneath to hide it. Continue string and tie until the arms are just covered with crystal dangles.

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