Ideas For Install Bay Window Curtain Rod

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Bay Window Curtain Rod Ideas

Bay window curtain rod – Installing a bay window curtain rod is a simple task that requires no special tools or advanced skills. The components of a bay window curtain rod set include three expandable rods and four mounting brackets. The fittings that are installed on the sides of the central window accept both the central and the left-or right side curtain rod. The bracket is hinged to accommodate windows set at different angles. Installation can be done in under an hour even a novice do-it-yourselfer

Ideas for install bay window curtain rod, Decide where you will place the curtain rod relative to the top of the window. Weak mark the location of a side mounting bracket on the wall with a pencil. Measuring the distance from the top of the window frame and to the mark from the side of the window frame to the mark. Transfer measurements to mark positions on the second mounting bracket so the curtain rod will be horizontal and symmetrical. The center-pole hardware will be mounted over the central window, as close as possible to the angle between the windows. Locate and identify the left, right and center rods.

Ideas for install bay window curtain rod, Drill horizontal holes through each screw hole mark on the window frame or wall. If the hardware is mounted directly to the drywall without wooden support, drill a hole that is big enough to accommodate a plastic wall anchor. Insert the anchor into the hole. Repeat to make screw holes of each of the brackets. Install a central hinge plate only by fitting the holder holes the holes in the wall or window frame. Pass a screw through the hole in the bracket into the corresponding hole in the wall or window frame. Wire or otherwise suspend the curtains on rods.

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