Ideal Small Bathroom Window Curtains

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Small Bathroom Window Curtains Color

Small bathroom window curtains – A small bathroom window can be a challenge to decorate. When deciding how to handle it, think about whether you want to completely block the view for reasons of privacy or see outdoors and whether you want the window to appear larger than it is.

If you do not want anyone to see into the bathroom, hang fabric. When your window is small, you do not need to invest in small bathroom window curtains. Instead, hang a piece of artistic substance or a lovely piece of lace on the spring rod inside the frame. If privacy is not a concern, it omits curtains and applies a wallpaper border around the window frame. You can create the same effect by stenciling a wide pattern around the window.

Give your small window a touch of color and style by hanging a small bathroom window curtains and valance that corresponds to the wall or tile in your bathroom. To make the window See higher, hang valance mess a few inches above the frame. You can “extend” the window width by a darkening mini blind or fabric honeycomb shade a few inches wider than the window. Hang non-bulky curtains on the edges of the blind.

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