How To Replace Orbit Chandelier

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Great Orbit Chandelier

Orbit chandelier – Installing a chandelier in place of an old chandelier requires careful attention to detail. Since your new chandeliers may be heavier than the old one, it is important that you follow these steps carefully. Determine the weight of the new chandelier. If it is close to the weight of the current chandelier, you do not need to replace the ceiling junction box.

But if the orbit chandelier is heavier than your current one, purchase and install a junction box that will support the weight of the new chandelier. Turn off power to the circuit where the chandelier will be placed. When you think you have turned off the power, use a circuit tester to check. Remove the old chandelier. When you perform this step, note how the fixture was installed and mark the cables with tape.

If you have decided that a new junction box was a necessary step, install it now. Attach the new hardware from the orbit chandelier on the assembly line. If there is an assembly line, to install at this time. Either uses the one that came with the chandelier or buy one. Screw the fastening straps to the junction box. Thread the new chandelier as the crown was. Remember to connect similar colors. You will need to remove about a half inch of insulation from each new thread before connecting it to the thread that was previously tied to the old chandelier.

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