How To Remove Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

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Custom Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Hunter douglas window treatments – Even if you have loved your Hunter Douglas shadow, there comes a time when you may need to remove it from the window frame. With a Hunter Douglas shadow frame, hold the head rail and bracket the shadow of the wall, so it is as simple as removing shadow and dismantling of the list. Understand directions and get a good look at your window shade before you start.

Raise the window shade. You will need it up to remove it. Do note that if the shadow is long, you have to lower it a little. If you have a top-down, bottom up hunter douglas window treatments, such as Vignette, you can lower the top.

Teams of the list. Place the screwdriver behind the stop. You’ll find it on the outer mounting frame. It should be in the rear corner of the system tab. Hunter douglas window treatments have fabric covering over the list, so you may need to hold the fabric back to find the stop. Press the screwdriver and turning it to remove the shadow. Shadow should come clean from the installation brackets.

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