How To Install Corner Window Curtain Rod

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Corner Window Curtain Rod Decorations

Corner window curtain rod – Installing the curtains on the corner windows is difficult because there is not much space between each window and corner. You can install corner curtains using a plug, however. The connector allows you to move the curtains along the rod without being blocked by brackets or hardware on the corner.  Connect the brackets by pushing the metal and the plastic pieces together. They fit well together.

Measure your curtain lengths including curtain rod pocket. Decide where you want the curtains to the end, such as the bottom of the window sill or on the floor.  Screw the brackets in the walls at the desired height by measuring from the ideal curtain height. Use screws that are suitable for the wall material such as drywall screws for plaster and masonry nails for masonry. If you can not find a stud to screw into, use drywall anchors with your screws.  Attach a center bracket near the corner window curtain rod. Make sure that all the brackets are adjusted by means of a plan.

Put the bars on the floor and slide them so they are adapted to the approximate length needed. Push both ends of the rod into the end pieces.  Attach a corner connector to the center at the end of each rod and connect the piece together. Hook the center of the middle bracket.  Feed curtain rod in curtain pocket until it is nicely located.  Hook curtain rod onto the wall bracket by angling end up hooking it on the bracket hook and push it down into place. It is easier to put the corner window curtain rod on the brackets by means of another person.

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