How To Hang 5 Light Chandelier

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Best 5 Light Chandelier

How To Hang 5 Light Chandelier – 5 light chandeliers can add elegance and sophistication to any room they are hanging in. If you have decided that you want to hang one in your home, know that it can be somewhat difficult and takes a bit of preparation do make properly. But when you’re done and see what it can bring to your room, the work will have been well worth it

Prepare to hang the 5 light chandelier on the ground so that your arms are not strained by trying to hold up the chandelier all the time. Close the link using your pliers to crush the open ends of the link back together. Install main switch on the chain or other hanging devices of your chandelier. Put the closed circular part of the main hook through the link to the chain and the main hook is attached and the chandelier can now hang of the main hook.  Thread the cables through the main Hook’s round opening. Then slide the junction box cover plate of the chain, with slightly convex side of the plate placed against the chandelier.

Turn off the electricity to the room where you hang the 5 light chandelier. Place your ladder under the open junction box in the ceiling where you will hang the chandelier, and then climb up the ladder. Turn the main catch in connection boxes recipient. Connect the wires from the junction box and the chandelier together. Do this by taking a cable from the junction box and one from the chandelier and put their exposed ends of a wire nut and turn the nut clockwise. Fold the wires back into the junction box and then slide the junction box cover plate over the open junction box. Secure the plate by turning the nut that came with the plate tight. Make sure that everything is safe and correctly and turn on the power again. Test the chandelier to see the light works.

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