Half Moon Window Treatments Traditional Glass

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Half Moon Window Treatments Shade

Half Moon Window Treatments – Exterior window with crescent American type, four panels’ wood finish design type (with figures carved rectangular giving the appearance of a craft). Ideal for those seeking privacy and security can be used as the main door in tool room and access that connects the garage of your vehicle with the interior or exterior of your home.

You can add the sheet that you like; and if you think used as front door you can add a viewer that succor to personal and family security. The half moon window treatments help you get natural light. This consists of a wooden frame covered with two laminate panels which gives the strength and hardness needed for this type of exterior doors. It has an insulating and soundproofing material inside.

Simulate traditional glass using a specialty paint designed for this purpose. Apply the paint; you can get your local leisure shop directly to the half moon window treatments. Simulate main contours liquid paint stained glass. Sketch a design on paper first. Design tape on the outside of the window (with liner design) so can be used to trace the design. Clean the window after the first leaders. When the paint dries, fill the drawing with the colors of glass painting of your choice.

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