Gorgeous Oak Hardwood Flooring

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Oak Hardwood Flooring Finishing

If you are lucky enough to have oak hardwood flooring in your room, it can seem like a difficult task to find a paint color to complement it. But there are several design styles which use a color palette that will make most of your oak floor to create a beautiful room.

White oak is perfectly suited to country styles of d├ęcor as cottage, Danish land and garden styles. These styles are bright and airy with a clean, fresh look. Use light, neutral colors on walls that reflect tones of wood. If oak hardwood flooring has a yellowish-brown undertone, use a neutral color with warm yellow undertones. Create an accent wall with rural wallpaper. If tree has white or creamy-brown undertones, use a rich cream color. Combining white-painted furniture with pieces with a natural wood finishes, and add beautiful, bright fabrics with delicate floral prints.

Japanese Zen style is a way to create a calming, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Raw materials like wood and bamboo combine with grounded neutral colors and minimal furnishings and accessories to create a clean, open space. As almost all floors in Japanese Zen style is wood, this is another decorating option for a room with a white oak hardwood flooring. Use earthy colors on walls as soft blues, light brown and muted green tones. Accent with white for a quiet, peaceful look. Bamboo furniture complements oak beautiful and a natural fiber floor carpet and potted plants complete look.

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