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Amazing Moroccan Chandelier

Making Moroccan chandelier is an attractive and inexpensive addition to a theme home makeover. Moroccan decor is warm and alive. Traditional Moroccan richness of color shows up in traditional tiles, fabrics and the use of colored glass. Moroccan chandelier made of colored glass throwing away extra color and moves the shadows to improve the overall exotic effect.

Make your own from recycled cans as a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to buying ready-made Moroccan chandelier. Collecting glass jars of different sizes and shapes. Save sauce, storage, pickle, coffee and jam jars. All cans that are large enough to safely hold a candle will work. Soak a lidless jar in hot water and detergent until the labels come off easily. Scrub off glue residue with a brush. Rinse and let dry.

Put on latex gloves and use a small. Blues, purple, deep red and terracotta colors all work in Moroccan chandelier decor. Air-dry enamel glass colors are easy to use. They are durable, cure for 24 hours and does not need any heat treatment.  Make several Moroccan style lanterns in different colors to spread around the room. They look pretty today, and cast multicolored light when lit at night. Wind fine gauge wire tightly around the neck of the lamp and create a loop for hanging lanterns.

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