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Chandelier For Nursery Decor

Chandelier for nursery – As you prepare for a child’s arrival, there are many factors to consider, including decorating the nursery. Nursery lighting can be purely functional or add a creative touch to the place that complements the overall theme. The baby will spend many hours staring at the ceiling, so feel free to use your imagination to brighten the space. A small chandelier gives a delicate touch to the decor of the room. Chandeliers come in a variety of themes to complement both boys and girls themes. If the room is not very large, consider a mini chandelier as the main decorative focal point.

Mini chandelier for nursery creates luxurious ambience and attract more interest than standard lamps. While many modern rooms would be overwhelmed with a standard size chandelier, the mini version allows you to add a touch of extravagance without dominating the room. Decorating your own lamp not only allows you to stamp your style on it, it also means that you can look for second hand stores, garage sales and a bargain antique stores. Even if you find an old chandelier mini, looking a bit crappy, decorations can give you a new chance at life.

The color you paint your mini chandelier for nursery will depend on the color and the overall decor of the room to be positioned in. For a subtle look, where lighting is not the focus of attention, use neutral colors. For a cohesive look, use a color that matches the main color of the room. To create a bold look that draws attention to the lamp, use a striking color accent, such as bright red in a black and white room.

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