Glass Door Cabinet In Espresso Woodwork

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Glass Door Cabinet Black

Glass can work on any furniture especially in cabinet in the kitchen. Wine cabinet or coke that usually put in the kitchen can pick the glass door cabinet. The glass door which use onto the kitchen cabinet will different with what put on windows glass door. It is not clear glass or crystal but usually grid-pattern features. The elegant of espresso woodwork cabinet is one that matches with glass door. The sturdy and thick glass door makes it live longer to dwell in your cabinet.

Espresso double glass doors

Double cabinet glass doors style which has two shelves will sufficient to store your favorite wine. The grid-pattern of glass option is right for elegant kitchen. The classy and timeless of espresso woodwork reach harmonically product of wall cabinet. This glass door cabinet use MDF material which is sturdy and durable to install on the wall. There is MD shelves inside and the hardware outside too. The unique grid-pattern of the glass makes the content is hiding if you do not open it.

Espresso single glass door

The elegant of espresso woodwork can be put anywhere you want store your favorite wine. The cute size which is single glass door will complement any room decor such as dining room or bedroom that you want keep handy beverage. It comes from genuine quality of wood that led durability of espresso wood. The interior design of this glass door cabinet has 16 wine bottle holes and accomplish with hanging rack to put the glass. The stylish arrangement between wine bottles and hanging glasses rack make you loved while opens it.

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