Giant Wall Decals For Large Rooms

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Vinyl Giant Wall Decals

Giant wall decals – No matter what room can be in that great wall you can become an eyesore if not properly decorated. It stands there, looming over the rest of your home; you almost make fun trying to come up with a way to decorate. This problem is easily solved with a little imagination and creativity. Let your personal style and tastes shine in this big wall, becoming one of your favorite places in your home.

The giant wall decals a neutral and soft color. Paint stripes on the great wall. If a long wall, paint wide vertical stripes on it. If a high wall, horizontal wide stripes painted on it. Make sure the paint you use for the stripes is a shade lighter than what was used for the other walls in the room.

Make your windows larger and take up extra space curtains wall extending beyond the current window. If the wall is windowless imitation create a window curtains hanging on it. You can even paint a false window, like a landscape, behind the curtains if you ever wanted to pull the curtains.

Hang several similar photos or giant wall decals together in her large wall. I arrange them as a group, spacing them as far apart as possible while remaining grouped. Having several of these groups in the large wall art. Create shadow boxes to add depth and dimension to the big wall. Show their collections on floating shelves.

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