Painting Geometric Wall Decals

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Geometric Wall Decals Design

Geometric wall decals – There are many things you can do to give a new and modern look to your homes, one of the most economical and results amazing is the painting. If you are tired of the boring walls smooth your living room or bedroom, you can try something different and original. A trend that has been installed is hard to paint shapes using geometric. They can be circles, squares, triangles, diamonds … or simply lines that run through the wall, there are a variety of compositions that can be combined with a wide range of possibilities concerning the shapes and colors. This type is painting allow us to play with the color gamut facilitating the creation of different environments and sensations.

When painting geometric wall decals, drawing shapes, we use a template that we can buy or manufacture ourselves. The template will help us not create irregular shapes and thus achieve a symmetrical and matched composition. If you look more chaotic air you can opt for different sizes of the same figure or several combined figures.

Geometric wall decals, regarding the colors must be careful balance in combinations. If you decide to combine tones pastel succeed in creating environments soft and light colors while more intense transmit more energy.

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