French Chandelier Ideas

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Stylish French Chandelier

A French chandelier is a decorative addition to a room. French chandeliers are usually installed on high ceilings and serve as a hub for the roof. Compared with English chandeliers, which are designed with multiple glass drops, the wrought iron component is more emphasized in the French chandelier. A French chandelier not only works as a lighting fixture for the room, it also serves as a topic of conversation and a complex interior that draws people in. French chandeliers were made of iron and light in the middle Ages. In 17th century France, the chandeliers were lavish decorations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the chandeliers are manufactured in various sizes to fit into people’s houses. Crystals, pearls and flowers added to the design, making the chandelier look richer.

French chandeliers are made of iron, which are carefully designed to curve, frames the light. In contrast to other types of chandeliers, where the chains form the body, french chandelier look like a bouquet of iron stems spreading to expose the bulbs. The number of filament lamps varies, but it is usually six or more.

One of the most famous chandelier companies in France, Baccarat. Nowadays, modern French chandeliers often made of different materials such as porcelain and glass, but the classic French country style remains made of intricately designed iron. Because of the complexity in creating a French chandelier, spares are expensive.

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