Find Out Special Characteristic Of Brazilian Walnut Flooring

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Brazilian Walnut Flooring Living Room

Brazilian walnut flooring – Brazilian Walnut is in family Juglandaceae. Walnut trees used for many things, particularly their nuts. Tree is valuable as furniture and floor and shells from nuts used in dyes and abrasives. Brazilian Walnut grows in America and is a highly sought after hardwood for flooring. Tree is not known to have permanent sun sensitivity, but it darkens as it matures.

Brazilian Walnut is often marketed as Ipe floor. It is a medium dark wood and is known for its hardness. It is three and a half times harder than American walnut. Wood must be pre-drilled to plug holes for screws or nails, and dulls cutting discs. Brazilian walnut flooring is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Tree is high in oils, so it must be kiln dried before treatment. Tree is an olive brown with lighter or darker stripes. It shows grain very well because of high oil content.

Walnuts are characterized by large leaves with 11 to 23 leaflets. Shape is draping and Lacy in sunlight. They need a lot of light during day to thrive. Harvested Brazilian Walnut is known to darken with age. It is not light-sensitive and resistant to fading in UV light. Dark is generally smooth and uniform, and can cause wood to see richer and deepen in color. This property means flooring will actually get more beautiful with time, but do not finish. When Brazilian walnut flooring resists advice, insects and fire, durability and aging properties ensure lasting, mature tree.

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