Famous Murano Chandelier Glass

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Blue Murano Chandelier

Murano chandelier – Murano is the most famous island of Venice, Italy, because of that Island comes one of the most appreciated and famous glass in the world. Who does not know the beautiful works in glass created by the skilled artisans that make the Murano Island so famous? In the tenth century the Italian merchants brought the techniques of glass manufacture from their travels to the East and it is in Venice that the first workshops are opened to produce it.

However, in the thirteenth century it was thought that the workshops could cause fires in Venice, so it was decided to move them to the Murano Island, where they have remained to this day. One of the manufacturing workshops of the famous hand-made glass of Murano Island. murano chandelier glass is still highly prized worldwide and collectors pay large sums of money for old, beautiful and hard-to-find pieces. However, nowadays also make pieces for all budgets and other of great value, such as sculptures in this fantastic glass.

Murano chandelier glass is unmistakably clear; it has that brightness and clarity that definitely does not have the common glass. As authentic Murano glass is handmade, the piece should have some small lines or imperfections but very subtle. Be wary of the piece too perfect because it has probably been made in series.

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