Espresso Kitchen Cabinets: Masculine And Elegant

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Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is indeed one of the main elements and important presence in a house. This is because in this place, the homeowner is not only to prepare food for her family, but also do a warm conversation or other activities that could familiarize family members. To that end, making the kitchen look more attractive is a must. One thing you can do to beautify your kitchen is to play with the cabinet in your kitchen by playing the colors to beautify this. One color option that you can use is espresso. This time, we will talk about espresso kitchen cabinets.

Espresso Kitchen Cabinets for Minimalist Kitchen

According to some experts, the espresso color can bring an elegant impression in your kitchen. To avoid the impression of monotony, use gradation on your espresso kitchen cabinets. In this way, you will get the impression of a minimalist kitchen that is consistent and convenient. In order to work espresso color optimally, use a dark wood to add texture to this color scheme.

Furthermore, espresso kitchen cabinets with granite top table will give the impression of masculine elegance. To avoid the impression of heavy and dark, you could splash of color light brown on all sides of the walls, ceiling, and floor parquet manifold. The light brown color combination will make your minimalist kitchen seems mild and still look bright so this will give a sense of flexibility when you prepare dishes for the family.

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