Easy Swag Window Treatment

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Best Swag Window Treatment

Swag window treatments – Swags are a cheap and easy window curtain, there can be icing on the cake needed a window. For windows that have already curtains can add a swag in a complementary color window provide an extra boost. Pillows in the same color scheme as a swag can fill a room with minimal expense.

Fabric for swags can vary from Spring to heavier materials. The weight of the material which is selected will depend on the way the swag window treatments. A fishing net material would be conspicuous for a seaside or lake front home. Lace or dotted Swiss draped gently over a delicate rod or detainees will bring a romantic atmosphere to a bedroom. Adding charm with a touch of flair to a country style with gingham swags to a kitchen or dining room.

Feel free to experiment and imagination to get the right look to your window. A very simple way to hang lightweight swags is to mount the hold-backs in the vicinity of the top corners of the windows. Narrow windows can use this style swag without sagging in the middle because of too much weight. Window is wider, a curtain rod to support swag. Poles offers several opportunities in terms of draping techniques.

One swag can be laid across the rod and drawn behind polishing the ends to secure. Gently pull the center of the swag, a foot or more to create a gentle drape. In order to ensure heavier material, the same technique can be used, but instead of allowing the end of the swag window treatments from the back of the bar, bringing the substance to the front and the top of the bar a second time.

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