Easily Clean The Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

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Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light

Swarovski crystal chandelier is a beautiful addition to any home, but their beauty is seriously reduced if covered by dirt and grime. Neglected chandeliers need to be taken apart to be cleaned, which is a time consuming process. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to clean a chandelier if you are willing to do it regularly. By routinely wipe and polish the crystals and hardware, you can keep your Swarovski crystal chandelier sparkling and clean.


Mix 1 part isopropyl alcohol with 3 parts water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Turn the circuit breaker that provides power to the Swarovski crystal chandelier. Plug a lamp or other light source to an outlet on a switch and bring it into the room where the chandelier hangs, use an extension cord if necessary. Remove all the bulbs are screwed in the chandelier.

Place a ladder under the chandelier, so you can work and an angle where you can safely reach all dangling crystals. Spray a cloth or glove with cleaning liquid and leave the other a dry place. With a wet cloth, carefully remove a crystal, wipe away any dust or dirt. Use a dry cloth to buff and polish the crystal.

Repeat this until all the crystals are clean. Dust bag chandelier and links hanging crystals with dry glove or rag. Do not use cleaning fluid on the hardware. Wipe the dust of bulbs and return them to the chandelier. Turn the power back on the chandelier.

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