To Dry Erase Wall Decal Decorations

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Dry Erase Wall Decal Basic

Dry erase wall decal – There are new products on the market that allows you to write color or draw directly on your walls. You can manage your family calendar and shopping list on the kitchen wall; Let your preschooler color in her own coloring book wallpaper in the playroom; or keep track of projects with a dry erase office wall. If you are looking for something less permanent, there are dry erase decals and art murals that attaches to walls without altering or destroying them.

Use blackboard paint. Paint a small square or a whole wall and use it as an ordinary whiteboard. This is especially popular in kitchens and works fine on a pantry door. See resources for tips on adjusting the colors blackboard paint and how to create a family calendar. Stick up dry erase wall decal. These are mainly dry-erase boards in fun shapes. They have a self-adhesive backing as a label, but peeling wall without damaging the paint or paper beneath. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes and are relatively inexpensive.

Hang an erasable mural. This is as a dry erase wall decal, but already contains mural images that adventure scenes. These are extremely durable – even Sharpies delete from them. This is an imaginative tool for children who can write themselves and other characters in a story.

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