DIY Install Rubber Mat Flooring

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Rubber Mat Flooring For Gym

Rubber mat flooring is available in gyms, garages, medical facilities and a number of other companies. These floors are recognized for their durability, strength and low maintenance. While “floating” tile versions are sometimes used, most installers choose glued matte or roller applications to enhance the floor’s durability and stability.

Vacuum the floor to remove all dirt, dust and dirt. Smooth the floor with a floor leveling compound according to need, by means of a trowel to fill the dip or low areas of the subfloor. Allow to dry completely. Measure the length of the floor and transfer this measurement to your rubber mat flooring. Repeat this process to cut the remaining flooring to cover the entire floor.

Move rubber mat flooring to the room where you plan to install it. Trim the ends of each row, which is necessary in order to fit the length of the room. Re-roll each section once it has been trimmed to fit. Spread moisture-cured urethane adhesive over the substrate using a notched trowel. Apply only enough glue to cover a range of rubber floor at one time. Scroll rubber of the adhesive, taking care to keep the surface of the rubber clean. Repeat as you work your way through space.

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