DIY Edison Bulb Edison Bulb Chandelier Crystals

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DIY Edison Bulb Chandelier Art

DIY Edison bulb chandelier – Now when you have designed your new interior scheme and the lighting you do not want to go and spoil it all by choosing a bad light. There is certainly a wide range of alternatives available for energy-saving light bulbs with different technologies, energy consumption and aesthetics. So you should choose your light bulbs to energy saving both efficiency and aesthetics. Let us look at some alternative light that strikes a balance between aesthetics and efficiency.

DIY Edison bulb chandelier certainly aesthetically and they will save about 30% electricity cost to traditional incandescent bulbs. For example if you choose a halogen bulb clear candle to light you then the clear light will really make the most of the sparkle of crystal. Then if you really want that edge design aesthetic candle flame tip away for a halogen bulb which will enhance the look of your light bulb away and really will contribute to the overall appearance.

Clear DIY Edison bulb chandelier is not going to look like real candles with a flame lit but clean simple design of the fireball tip of the candle is the best choice for the electric light bulb. Energy-saving lamp that uses compact fluorescent lamp technology is certainly good from the perspective of energy saving efficiency around 80% of the traditional incandescent bulbs, but aesthetics is far from pleasant. It is only if the light bulb is tucked inside and not visible light.

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