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Best Dallas Chandelier

Dallas chandelier – A dining area without a chandelier looks bare and unfinished, but you cannot have the funds to purchase a new or even know how to configure the appropriate electrical work for a chandelier. Dallas chandelier that uses candles instead of electricity create a romantic mood without the need to cut any holes in the ceiling or splice any wires, making them a good option for tenants and budget-conscious decorators. Build your own chandelier from everyday objects and hang it over your dining room table or anywhere else you think could use some romance and glamor that your back patio, kitchen or entrance.

Hang your Dallas chandelier, so that the lower section is about 30 inches from the table surface; This location creates the right amount of drama while you still have room for a substantial midpoint. Find a selection of cheap wire baskets with flat bottom at thrift stores, flea markets or discount home stores. Otherwise, instead of using two wire baskets, consider instead using cone-shaped, heavy-duty wire tomato cages as a framework, they are cheap and available in garden stores. Skip the step where you connect the two baskets and place candles inside baskets and continue to hang pots and decorations. Choose candles small enough to fit in your jars.

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