DIY Custom Bathtub Chandelier

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Elegant Bathtub Chandelier

Bathtub chandelier – You can save money by adapting a cheap but standard operating candelabra-style chandelier from a garage sale, thrift store or flea market by painting it to match your space and add whimsical elements clustered beaded wire, glass beads and paper flowers.

Place your prepped bathtub chandelier on the tarp and apply an even coat of spray primer. Spray your chandelier with spray paint metal surface and add a second coat of paint if needed. Let the paint dry. Customize chandelier shades as you wait for your fixture to dry. Strip the template of a shade. Place the template on the fabric, trace around it with chalk, and cut out the template. Attach the template sticky shadow. Repeat this process for as many nuances that you have to cover. Create a customized, decorative cord cover.

Place an equal length hem tape within the two meetings fabric edges. Heat up the iron and apply it on the fabric of where you inserted the heat-fusible tape. Let it melt adhesive tape to cool down, then turn the tube you’ve just done inside and out.  Linda lamp sleeves with beaded wire or tape, or leave them painted. Attaching beads, crystals and sculptural elements with wire. Back to the bathtub chandelier lights and shades operate on them.

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