DIY Attic Flooring

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Attic Flooring Apartment

Attic flooring – Putting a floor to ceiling will provide space for storage or simply make it safer for you to walk or crawl around in the attic safely. A few basic tools and a few hours will leave you with a safer and far more functional attic

Find beams (boards running across the bottom of the ceiling) where you want to lay your attic flooring to ceiling. Measuring how far apart the bars are from center to center (normally they are between 16 and 24 inches apart).  Cut 3/4-inch plywood into strips that will reach from the center to the center of your joists. Wear plywood ceiling and start on it down close to the ceiling entrance.

Place the plywood from the center of one joist to the center of the next, being careful not to put it directly on any wires. Secure the plywood fixed to joists with deck screws. Continue putting plywood, bumping it firmly against the piece next to it until you reach the corners or walls attic. Measure the plywood to fit against the wall or in the corners and cut accordingly of attic flooring.

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