Different Types Of Window Treatments

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Awesome Types Of Window Treatments

Types of window treatments – Curtains can enhance the beauty of any room. Also known as curtains, you can add color and attitude toward his house. When it comes to style tents there are many to choose from. It’s just a matter of considering what style suits you and your decor better room. Here are some of the most basic of the window.

Tab top types of window treatments. This type of curtain is made by folding the top to create an opening in which can participate in the auction. The curtain rod can then be slipped through the opening. There are four changes to this design. There baseboard in which the tissue lining the top of the loop. The tab button on each tab top tent seems buttoned. The, however, buttons are not functional and are only purely decorative. The curtain board recessed top where the chips are not visible on the front. And the curtain upper tab washer, where used in place of sheet metal web rings. Tab top curtains are simple but have a contemporary look that can fit almost any type of windows.

Pencil pleat types of window treatments. This type of tent is created by dense folds over the top. This project will require a lot of fabric to create that look in the folds. It is a little harder to do than the top of the store card and will require some effort to install. However, you can give an elegant finish to any window and tidy.

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