Decorative Ideas French Door Window Treatments

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Modern French Door Window Treatments

French door window treatments – French doors provide an easy option to increase the amount of natural sunlight into your home when you make a strong decorative statement. From the inner choice that separates two rooms to exterior types exit on a deck or patio, this style is often seen as more of a window than a door. Free flowing curtains are a perfect option for French doors in rooms that require a lot of light. While shades and blinds have their advantages, they too darker your space. Rooms that have few or no windows, other than those of the French door, going to have a decorative option that still allows light to easily filter on.

Decorative ideas French door window treatments, like shades, blinds provide another room darkening options that can be raised and lowered to control the amount of light that your French doors let in. While shades are usually made of fabric blinds using variable or split pieces of wood, vinyl or metal. A wood-style blind is a decorative idea that works well with a more traditional or rustic style of furnishings. In contrast, metals and vinyls have a slightly more modern feel and is better suited to a modern design scheme.

Shutters are a more permanent French door window treatments design dilemma. Interior Slatted shutters can be specially made to fit the exact dimensions of your door and offers the possibility of a light amplifying or completely dark option. As window treatments, shutters provide a dramatic statement if they are a natural wood shade or a bold color painted. Moreover, when it is closed, shutters offer an economical way to keep the warm air in and cold air out during the chilly winter months.

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