Decorate Curved Window Curtain Rod

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Curved Window Curtain Rod Decorations

Curved window curtain rod – Until the invention of the arch-top curtain rod, you can decorate windows with a curved top be a challenge.  Choose a clear rod too thin or light window treatments. Flexible clear rods are good for arched-top, round or oval windows. They are great with sheer curtains as they seem to be invisible. Acrylic rods, sometimes called “crystal rods,” can easily be cut and they will bend around the curve of the window. Many rods come with a hardware kit that contains installation instructions and parts needed to hang the rod.

If you need to close the curtains, traverse rods are a good choice. Your arched-top Widow, and other bay or bow windows, will benefit from a curved traverse rod if privacy or light screening is required. You can buy rods at the base and cut and bend these bars of curved window curtain rod. Metallic transverse support rods are often made of aluminum and come in different weight requirements to handle curtains of different weights.

Custom curved rods are a good choice for elaborate decorating schemes. Where a special finish or fancy finials needed, custom rods are an ideal solution. They can be made of aluminum, steel or iron. Curtains in a heavy fabric or have multiple layers, are easy to handle with curved window curtain rod orders. Be sure to allow plenty of time as custom fabrications can take a while.

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