Day Bed With Trundle For The Room Setting Troubles

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Daybed With Trundle And Drawers

Day bed with trundle is very popular. The trundle bed is the added accessories to go with a day bed. As many day bed frames are designed to have a higher setting, it becomes so much easier to add a trundle bed underneath it. Simply slide it in when not being used, and slide it out when another person is about to sleep on it.

Most of the day bed with trundle is designed with the same size. Both the day bed as well as the trundle bed is at the size of the twin mattress, therefore there would be no need to purchase different sizes of bed sheets. There are also the larger beds for both, but the most popular ones are the twin size bed of 120 cm in width.

The mattress of the day bed with trundle is different to the regular bed. The main difference is that the trundle bed does not need another box spring that is usually separated or even the air mattress base of the other types. Instead, the trundle bed is made by linking the springs. This is a better way to support the mattress. Usually the trundle bed is made of wood, but with the different materials being available nowadays, there are also so many different choices of materials too such as the stainless steels and other metals. The frame metals are usually more durable. They are also very light weighted but they are only great for certain designs.

The day bed with trundle made of metal usually made of simpler and more practical designs. Thus, they tend to have the modern or contemporary designs. They can be great for the guests’ room, but on the other hand, may not be so good for the children’s room. Of course in term of design, there should be no problems, but as the metal are hard and have more risks of safety issues for children.

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For the sake of safety, the day bed with trundle for children is better with wooden frames. These traditional wooden beds may also be created into different designs. Many wooden frames are created into more colorful beds with carvings of children’s favorite characters. Thus, even the more traditional wooden frames can be attractive for children too. As for the price, there are different prices for different wooden types. The premium woods such as the mahogany can be quite costly, while the maples can be more reasonable.

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