Cutting Linoleum Flooring Rolls

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Linoleum Flooring Rolls

Linoleum flooring rolls – Linoleum is a floor material glued in place over wood subfloors. By removing linoleum and plywood subfloor as a unit, you can drag the floor free so the bare wooden floor joists ready for a quick replacement of plywood subfloor. Take goggles and a face mask to protect against flying debris and avoid dust inhalation.

Remove a piece of baseboard from the bottom of the wall closest to where you need to cut through the linoleum and subfloor. Slide a ruler down hole along the edge of the floor between the wall and floor. Stop pushing the ruler when it clears the floor. Measure the depth of the ruler into the hole to determine the total width of the floor and linoleum flooring rolls. Mark the area you want to cut through with a piece of chalk. Use a ruler to guide your chalk mark, if you want to create a straight line.

Cut with surface of linoleum flooring rolls and stop the blade on top of the cut, and then adjusting the saw to cut along the adjacent stacked line. Continue to cut the floor until you have cut the complete outlined area. Release the crowbar under the floor through one of the cuts and then apply upward pressure against the bottom to pull the floor of the wood joists underneath.

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