How To Cut Vinyl Wall Decals

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Palm Trees Vinyl Wall Decals

How To Cut Vinyl Wall Decals – If you are leasing the current shelter, you are limited to how much you can change the space. Your landlord does not want you to paint the walls, but you cannot take the asylum white anymore. Or maybe you live in your own home, as the current color of the walls and just want a cheap way to make a big impact. Cut your own vinyl wall decals by rolls of vinyl. Within a day, you have a bold new decorative statement attached to your walls.

Measure the height and width of the wall where you plan to put the sticker. Make sure the vinyl wall decals you do fit on the wall after you cut it. Cut strips of freezer paper, or just a band if that is all you need. Tape them together with masking tape to create a piece of paper at the same length and width as the wall. Tape strips together so that the long edges of the strips are butted against each other and not overlapping. Sketch in pencil sticker design you want.

Separate strips of freezer paper. Use temporary spray adhesive to follow the strip of freezer paper to the strip of vinyl wall decals. Smooth out any air bubbles between the two hands. Work on a section of the label at a time. Place a strip on your cutting food and trace the outline of the design with a knife, cut through the paper and vinyl. The entire strip May not fit on your cutting food at once, in which case you can work on the strip, slide strip up to work on the middle and then up again to work on the ground. Cut all sections, or strips of the decal so same way. Peel freezer paper from the front of the vinyl pieces.

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