Customize Chandelier Light Bulbs

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Modern Chandelier Light Bulbs

Chandelier light bulbs – Choosing the right lighting for a room is a big decision, because it can change the whole atmosphere. You can build your own chandelier using various light sources that you may already have around the house. Gather an assortment of light bulbs.  Choose a pendant luminaire for use as the core of your chandelier. The ideal type of fixture to use is one that consists of one or more light emitting diodes (LED) lights housed in a plastic casing that will provide some warmth.

Install pendant luminaire in the desired position on the roof following the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut 12-inch lengths of fishing line to use to connect additional lamps to hanging chandelier light bulbs. Tie the pieces of fishing line around the ends of each bulb. Apply a small dab of hot glue over the knot to further secure the fishing line to the end of the lamp.

Attach additional bulbs to light fixture hanging by tying the other end of each piece of fishing line around the fixture’s cord. Install additional bulbs higher up the cord so their bottoms resting on top of the first four lamps. Continue layer bulbs, creating a bubble-like pattern until all of them have been attached. Turn on the chandelier light bulbs to see how it looks in the room.

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