Creative Kitchen Valances For Windows

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Unique Kitchen Valances For Windows

Kitchen valances for windows – Kitchen windows are often underutilized as a design space; Often a focus in the space remaining on the functional elements. Make the most of your kitchen windows, select window treatments, which connect your decor scheme and make the most of the natural light in the room.

Valances are often used as a formal window treatment in living rooms, but can be changed to suit your kitchen. Select a material suitable for the informal sense of a kitchen Checked cotton, for example, or an unexpected textured linen. Wrap material around the curtain rod, adjusting material so that the waves into the loop and letting the ends of the panels to hang loosely on each side of the frame. The relaxed feeling of the material will counteract the drama of kitchen valances for windows, making it appropriate, even for a farm or rustic-themed kitchen.

Because the kitchen valances for windows are often smaller than windows in other rooms of the house, you have the option of using antique items. Look for old lace scarves or shawls, and turn them into delicate curtain panels.

For a light touch, hang a patterned scarf over the curtain rod at an angle so that the point is suspended in the middle of the window. Clip vintage linens on a length of twine drawn from every corner of the window for a rustic look, or use a simple wreath made of old lace handkerchiefs folded in half for a sweet touch.

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