Cool Way To Lay Your Outdoor Rubber Flooring

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Outdoor Rubber Flooring For Kids Play Area

Outdoor rubber flooring – Along with many options for color and size, you can choose between rubber tile with locking tabs that do not require glue them or the more traditional glued tiles. Either way, you can expect many years of use from rubber tiles. Remove all dirt and grease from your sub floor. Set tiles in the house for at least three days before you plan to install them so they can get used to the environment.

Set the outdoor rubber flooring from the outside of the space to the center, or if you are working from the center out. Mark your starting point with a chalk line. Snap chalk line where the line cuts. Put the tiles along your marked lines without permanently fixing them. Dry installation of tiles, you can determine how well they will fit from wall to wall.

Put the glue in place on the sub floor if you use this method of mounting the tiles. Put the pieces in place and press them down with a floor roller. Connect the interlocking tabs to style of resilient flooring. Cut tiles as needed around the edges. Use a straight edge and a utility knife to make the cut. Finish the outdoor rubber flooring project by covering the edges with baseboard or molding.

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