Cool Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas In Traditional Backsplash Pattern

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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Indeed, tile backsplash has been number 1 choice for people to install in the kitchen. However, square tiles especially, have set a limit for you in their layout. Yes, grid layout is the only one you can use with square tiles. This is that of traditional backsplash pattern after all. However, you can change it a bit with non-square tiles. Let me tell you one cool kind of kitchen tile backsplash ideas below.

Limestone Mosaics Raindrop

This tile backsplash design idea includes both tile and mosaic. However, we will go with non-square tiles here. Also, we use the grid pattern here. To realize this kind of kitchen tile backsplash ideas, I suggest you to use the same shape of limestone and glass pieces. Make their shape like a raindrop but let them be a bit bigger. They should have looked like square tiles with two sides in curved angle.

To install it, you need to mix the limestone and glass pieces. However, you need to pay attention to the glass ones. We are going to make raindrop effect in this kind of kitchen tile backsplash ideas after all. You can be random to put the glass pieces, but some of them must be put in one short line to represent the falling drops of water. This is how you can make cool kitchen tile backsplash design.

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