Cool Geeky Ways To Create Your Own Star Wars Baby Room

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Baby Boy Star Wars Bedding

As a geek parent who dedicate your life for the awesome Star Wars saga, it is never a bad idea to start early with your child. Thus, when you prepare and decorate your baby’s nursery, what can be the better choice of interior and decorating theme than Star Wars baby room itself? Today, we have some cool ideas you definitely will want to see for your Star Wars baby room theme, or your own bedroom. Check them out!

You can start with the decoration first for your Star Wars baby room. Okay, even if you don’t want to use your collections of Star Wars figure, it doesn’t mean there are no Star Wars baby room ideas to inspire you. Well, what about Star Wars themed framed sketch or painting? If you believe Han Solo shot first, instead of Greedo, then show it. Teach your little kid that Han Solo did first. Or if you are a fan of Boba Fett (seriously?), cool Boba Fett sketch here will be an awesome way to decorate the empty, lonely wall space. Well, explore more Star Wars themed wall decoration to find more possibilities!

The choice of bedding sheet set for your baby’s nursery definitely must be comfortable and soft to touch to your little one’s delicate skin. Well, what about making the comfort even more awe-striking with Yoda or R2D2 themed pillows for your Star Wars baby room? Even if the pillows are not suitable for the baby crib, you can still use it anyway for nursery chair or daybed for a momma to be comfortable while taking care of her wee baby. Speaking of comfort, make the nursery cozier by adding this cruelty-free Wookie rug—no Wookie was harmed during the production, trust us!—for your Star Wars baby room. Alternatively, what about the awesome and fluffy Wampa rug? What about stealing the look of this awesome Star Wars universe themed decoration for the ceiling?

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