Contemporary Chandelier Design Ideas

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Contemporary Chandelier Design

The contemporary chandelier and paper lamps can be a fun, practical accent for the room. Available in a plethora of colors and patterns, paper light is a traditional eastern decoration in homes all over the world. From the very recognizable round hanging lanterns to more contemporary paper lampshades are available in modern homes, paper lamps and chandeliers widely available and often inexpensive home accents.

In addition to the traditional Chinese paper lanterns, which are a popular item of decor for any style room in many homes, the contemporary chandelier become a popular home decoration. Modern paper lamps include a variety of bulb sizes and styles, from paper floor lights to table lamps. Many paper lamps derived from a rice paper-style shade and are incredibly durable and stylish, while more advanced vellum paper light fixtures are popular in elegantly designed homes.

Contemporary chandelier and paper lamps have been taken on a life of their own, as designers find new and creative uses for paper products in the home design. Outside the home, there is another contemporary usage of paper chandelier in the realm of wedding decor. Paper chandelier, a strictly visual object produces no light, much like the Polish paper chandelier, included in the canon of popular contemporary wedding decor.

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