Circle Wall Decals Ideas For Kid Room

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Circle Wall Decals

Circle wall decals – Brighten the wall of his son with a unique twist by adding polka dots. Moles can be used in the room of a child. The decals are easy to apply and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Children can help create the design and put decals. When children grow up and feel the need for a change, polka dot tags are easy to peel off. Another option is to paint polka dots on the wall with templates or templates circle.

Circle wall decals, paint the walls with the background color. Use a flat low VOC paint that does not give off toxic fumes. Let the paint dry for at least a week before adding labels or paint dots on the wall. Measure the walls using a tape measure. Design your plan on paper. If changes are needed, it is easier to make changes in the paper on the wall. Transfer the design using chalk on the wall. Chalk is easily removed if mishandled. Use a tape measure and level if points will be a uniform design.

Before adding labels to the circle wall decals use the label as a template and outline each point on the wall with chalk. If you make a mistake, use a damp sponge to erase. If you use dots of different colors, write the color in the center of the spot on the wall. Once satisfied with the design on the walls, Pele the back of the labels and put stickers on the wall.

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