Choose Genuine Sliding Glass Door Hardware For Durability

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Sliding Glass Door Hardware Cabinet

When you install glass door you need to know what the element you concern if something wrong happen into it. Besides the function and style, the hardware of sliding glass door should come from genuine and high quality of material. The sliding glass door hardware like pulley roller and door handle set never make your home fixtures work perfectly. The genuine material option will influence how its performance.

Pulley roller

Pulley roller is created from stainless that appropriate use in sliding glass door. This sliding glass door hardware offers the self-lubricants to easy open or close without any effort needed. This pulley roller consists of two pieces of end caps and the bolts that will attach the door steps. The genuine material of zinc has been creating perfect finishes. This pulley that can be used up to 450-lbs will last longer use if the other components supported with it.

Door handle set

Door handle set is also the main hardware component of sliding glass door. It shows mortise style which is elegant from genuine material. This door handle has been manufacture from high quality material and security design. Door handle set of sliding glass door hardware brings lock systems that fits for the performance. The handy style is effortless and keep you free while perform it.

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