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Chandelier Tree Los Angeles Night

Chandelier tree Los Angeles and ceiling fixtures are designed to an existing electrical box in the ceiling. Here you can easily check the light from a convenient wall switch, rather than relying on a pull chain or connect the chandelier when you want light. The necessary connections are not hard to do, with a few simple tools.


Turn off the circuit that drives the chandelier tree Los Angeles mode from the home’s breaker panel. Loosen the screws in the ceiling electrical box cover, if so equipped. Remove the lid after removing the screws. Pull the wires from the electrical box.

Either two or three topics you will find in the box depending on the home’s wiring. If there is a third wire, it will be bare or colored green because this is a ground wire. Remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the ends of the chandelier lines. Most will have two cables, black and white, while some will have three, with a green or bare wire.

Match bare ends of the wires with the chandelier tree Los Angeles home wires, one wire pair for each thread. Matching black to black and white to white wire to wire from the ceiling box and match the bare or green wires to one another. Drag a wire nut over the ends of each pair and turning to the right until they are tight. Wrap a small piece of electrical tape around the base of each nut and cables going into the nut.

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