Build A Baby Doll Crib From Vintage Items

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Building a baby doll crib can be a fun project for you to do over the holidays. You could also simply want to build one for your child to play with their dolls. Whatever the case may be, the project is fun and it can also be done fairly easily.

A baby doll crib can be built from a vintage magazine rack. The next time you visit a thrift store, you may want to look around if they sell any of them. Some of the types even have tiny brass wheels built into its legs, something you do not often find in racks nowadays. The first thing to do with the rack if you have found one and decided to turn it into a baby doll furniture is to clean them with wipes. You should then remove the center piece of the rack which should come out easily once you remove the wood pegs and unscrew any screws the rack may be hiding.

The next step is to stabilize the joints of the baby doll crib by applying wood glue to it. Clamp it and let it be for a night in order to let the glue to dry. Use any piece of foam you may have in your house or purchase one if you need to and cut a piece that will fit to the bottom of the magazine rack. Proceed to cover the foam with white fabric using fabric glue and now you will have a ‘mattress’ for the doll bed you are building.

Fold a piece of quilted fabric and sew its edges to create a pillow. That will be the only sewing task you need to do for the project. You can make a blanket from fleece. Now you have yourself a baby doll crib which would be a new source of fun for your child.

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