wall art and decorations

Blocks As Wall Decorations

Decorating a barren and empty wall is always a hard task for most people even among interior designers. Wall decorations must not only make the space beautiful but must have some character and personality. You are left with a mission to make a dull and empty space into something inviting and warm.


There are many ways to decorate a wall using many materials from paint to frames in which some people would find these materials and wall decorating ideas too common. These individuals would turn into something unique just to show the owner’s personality but some of these decorations or accents may no longer handy in the long run. Paints would wear out, while frames and pictures will become dull. Paintings would cost more and you can’t afford them. Others would no longer be trendy in a few years and would simply look unflattering.


There are many designs to choose from depending on your mood or style. You can have those blocks with traditional numbers and letter designs or have those blocks with beach-inspired designs. There are also designs that are inspired from arts and architecture of the past for those individuals who want to be classic yet elegant at the same time. Surely, these blocks are definitely new and exciting ways to spice up your walls!


On the other hand, blocks are easy to place just like any wall decorations. These blocks come with built-in holes for easy hanging. You only need a screw or a nail securely mounted against the wall. Also, you have to measure the space that you want to decorate and determine the number of blocks needed giving allowances to spaces for each block. Blocks look best when displayed in groups for like paintings and any exhibit they tell a story. You can even rearrange the blocks if you want something you or to change the mood in your room.