Black Laminate Flooring: Timeless And Elegant

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Black Laminate Flooring Apartment

Black laminate flooring – Is it those who believe that the black color makes it look like the smaller room? Well it’s time to think again! In fact a long time ago we gave five reasons for using black, although many more …A dramatic black floor combined with walls in light neutral colors can provide great contrast and even open space. The color black is back!

Both in the world of fashion and interior design the black is back but never really was: timeless, elegant, and robust … A hue and intense dramatic provides not only the costumes but also the air spaces. In addition, the use of black laminate flooring in the interior is a whole proclaims, while giving a luxurious stay personality. Also, a black soil in combination with light colors or eye – catching details can radiate sense of tranquility, without giving any at all belittling the dreaded impression of the room.

Quick-Step has experimented with this type of wood and thus created the model “burned plates” laminate flooring with overall structure and appearance of authenticity. By using the relievograf√≠a, a technique used to make replicas of paintings, the composition of boards of burnt wood was scanned. The result is black laminate flooring with a unique structure that perfectly mimics this material.

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