Best Bow Window Treatments Ideas

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Modern Bow Window Treatments

Bow window treatments – Bow windows are windows joined together in a bow shape. This form allows more of the outside world in because you have a wider angle of view. The room feels larger and more light enters Most arched windows are individual casement windows put together either in a factory or on site.

Since arched window has several window frames, you can choose another bow window treatments style for each company. Nevertheless, it creates a cacophony where there should be harmony. Try to use the same type of treatment for each window. A joint bow window set-up includes three casement windows formed in an arc, piece or two of furniture during, for example, shows chairs or a comfortable sofa and a small table.

If your bow window treatments have window seats, you have a large area to relax in and take in a riveting view. A window treatment, in this case, should emphasize comfort to sit next to arched windows. You can hang a straight curtain rod from one end of the sash windows to the other, and drape a heavy, soft curtain on it. When the curtain pulled closed the sitting area of the arched windows, cut off from the rest of the room, and creates their own cozy and romantic niche.

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