The Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Best Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring – Homeowners choose plain wooden floors for its strength, natural beauty and easy cleaning procedures. While the number of newly felled hardwood and softwood species available is overwhelming, exists another interesting option. Reclaimed wood flooring, made from flooring made from old and unused buildings before demolition, offers a number of advantages.

Expansion of global trade, the number of tropical and exotic reclaimed wood flooring, but some American species were rare, as some tree species disappeared due to logging or invasive insects and diseases. Reclaimed wood floors offer homeowners a chance to use rare woods such as American elm and chestnut, two trees that are almost extinct, according to Pioneer Millworks. Reclaimed wood from the tree types currently under logging bans offers one of the only ways to use a particular species threatened with extinction.

Modern logging practices still require tons of fossil fuels and destruction of habitats thousands of animals and plants. Recycling of wood means fewer new trees to be cut to create reclaimed wood flooring. Other pieces of timber, including rafters and beams can be cut into planks according Woodshop Texas.

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