Benefits Of The Round Pedestal Tall Kitchen Table

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Elegant Tall Kitchen Tables For Small

How many times have you gone over to someone’s house for a holiday gathering only to be forced to sit uncomfortably up against the corner of the dining room tall kitchen table with your knees knocking constantly against the legs? If you are tall this situation might occur more often than with others and if you come from a big family you might want to claim your comfy seat as soon as possible before anyone else can. Just think of how often you’ve maneuvered to avoid the corner post, most of us have.

You see the problem with most tables is in their leg design. A tall kitchen table is built with four or more legs that divide the weight at the corners and use support beams to disperse the weight across the surface of the entire surface. Yes, this design makes for a fantastically stable eating area but it creates an uncomfortable situation for at least four of the dinner party participants, those relegated to the corners.

To avoid the uncomfortable bruising of banged knees and shins you can always use a different style of table that does away with the corner leg support design. This is wonderful news for our tall friends and family members. By moving the table legs inward and away from the four corners of the table you are moving them away from scrunched up knees and toes and putting an end to the game of trying to get the right seat. Everyone sitting at a pedestal table is able to enjoy the same comfort as the person sitting next to them.

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The only foreseeable problem with a pedestal table is the possibility of imbalance due to larger party size. Because one central core supports all of the weight it can get wobbly if dishes and things are set on the outer rim or just on one side. The larger the table gets the more likely it will be to wobble and possibly topple over. However, if you have a big enough surface, you can always add a second pedestal to support the weight and solve any stability problem that may arise.

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