Benefits Of The Convertible Baby Cribs

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Convertible baby cribs have increased in popularity in the recent years especially in the United States. What differentiates it from standard cribs is its ability to convert into other kinds of furniture. This feature is especially sought after because infants will not occupy their cribs for long. Not all convertible cribs are the same and not all of them convert into a lot of form.

You want to move your baby into convertible baby cribs once they have become too large to fit in a bassinet. They should sleep in the same room but not the same bed as you. Most cribs offer a mattress that is adjustable that it can be lowered as the baby ages and learns to sit and stand.

You will then change the crib again into a toddler bed once your child has reached the age of two or three. Once convertible baby cribs are converted into a toddler bed, they will still sleep in a crib size mattress but now instead of being inside a fully enclosed panel they will be able to get in and out of the bed themselves with guard rail. Converting convertible baby cribs to a day bed means that there will not be any panels in the front of the crib. Some brands of the crib may still have a day bed rail to provide the bed with stability.

Some parents immediately move their child to an adult sized bed but you may want them to sleep in a day bed first as a part of transition. When your child is comfortable to move to an adult size bed you can convert your convertible baby cribs into one. The size of the bed depends on the manufacturer and also the model of the crib. Read convertible baby cribs reviews before you buy convertible baby cribs.

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